Elevate The Students Community Report

Allies To Abolitionsts

Despite the landmark 1954 Supreme Court decision in Brown v. Board of Education America still struggles to remedy the systemic racism in its educational systems and institutions.The long, slow struggle for equity in the Denver Public School system (DPS) evidences the intransigence of these problems, which in 2021 continue to create barriers to the academic…

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Response to Denver Gazette

Attn: Aurora Mayor Mike Coffman and David Mullen by John Staughton It has been one month since the Mayor of Aurora, CO, Mike Coffman, spent an incognito week living among the unhoused in Aurora and Denver, but those at Denver Homeless Out Loud have not forgotten the prejudicial, narrow-minded, and dangerous conclusions of his questionable…

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Attention Mayor Hancock and Spokesperson Theresa Marchetta

Written by John Staughton and Terry Burnsed. We at From Allies to Abolitionists note with some satisfaction Westword’s report of 26 January 2021 that the Mayor has seen the newly dropped video “Message to the Mayor” by Kid Astronaut (John Shockness), Apostle (Jeff Campbell), Bumpy Chill (Adrean Jones), Kingdom (Jeffrey McWhorter) and Mizta Sandman (Shannon Richardson), in collaboration…

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Blood On His Hands

Urgent: Please deliver to Michael B. Hancock immediately. Your regularly scheduled, Message to the Mayor ”Over the next four years the current Pandemic Recession is projected to cause chronic homelessness to increase 49 percent in the United States, 68 percent in California and 86 percent in Los Angeles County.” -Economic Roundtable What are we doing…

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Federal court hearing 1/11/21

Federal court hearing 1/11/21 by Emily Przekwas. The hearing ended today without a decision by the judge. He will be deciding whether to put in place an injunction against the traumatic displacements and whether the case should proceed. This was just a evidentiary hearing. There are several displacements scheduled this week so his decision could…

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Message to the Mayor, By Terry Burnsed

Aurora, Colorado Mayor Mike Coffman

Delivered on 1/11/21 to Denver City Council. Terry Burnsed, Denver District 6. Heading for 400,000 dead in a Pandemic that some nations are beating; citizens of color still have to insist that their very lives matter 500 years after Columbus started stealing the land and a century and a half after supposed emancipation; millions out…

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Message to the Mayor 2020 Report

People experiencing homelessness in the city of Denver are being violently attacked and having property confiscated and damaged by city departments enforcing the Urban Camping Ban(Denver Code of Ordinances, Article IV, section 38-86, 38-86.1, 38-86.2). Therefore, as concerned citizens against systemic violence and criminalization of poverty, we demand that the City of Denver: 1) Put…

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Message to the Mayor, by David Hagan

Denver Mayor Michael Hancock

Dear Mayor Hancock,  If lives matter then why are we continuing to treat our unhoused neighbors like trash and why do we allow a 5% raise to our police department in the middle of a pandemic when many are struggling to eat. Additionally, the independent report that just came out would fire many before giving any…

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