Underground Railroad Culture Courses

Underground Railroad Culture Courses:  Climb aboard the Emancipation Express and take a journey through storytelling and improv highlighting the teambuilding principles of the underground railroad. Great for companies, youth groups, and employees interested in building a staff that values the experience of their collective work.

Third Eye Theatre

Which of the 7 basic plots applies to your story? Which archetypes do your characters resemble? What are the names and the etymology of those names of your characters? Learn to leverage these techniques to inform dialogue, and action to make your script engaging and memorable by appealing to the subconscious.

Storytelling Amplifies Us

Each and everyone of us has a story worth telling, and stories are the best way to communicate in every situation. Learning the principles of what makes a good story, and developing a style of your own can make you both memorable and effective as a communicator. Learn how to get it right every time.

Roleplay As Ritual

Learn to improv with intention. A great skill builder for actors, writers, performers, lawyers, public speakers, educators, managers, coaches, Any one who is constantly problem solving and communicating at a fast pace.