Recipe poster


Recipe is an interactive theatre performance about food and belonging that celebrates Denver's Five Points and Curtis Park neighborhood, at the Savoy at Curtis Park. Recipe is inspired by neighborhood interviews and historical research into the history of the Savoy building, built in 1889. From pig-ear sandwiches to family dinners remembered by residents, a neighborhood interviewee said it best: "The recipe to create a great neighborhood is love."

The performance moves through rooms of the historic Savoy building as people of Five Points and Curtis Park—historical and contemporary—come to life, sharing stories about how food shapes their lives, relationships, and experiences of home. The show will include a soundscape of neighborhood interviews and highlight food by local eateries.


"As artists who might be seen as interlopers in an area wracked by redevelopment and gentrification, they sought to honor the community's history, peeling it down to its most basic elements, using food and memories as the common denominators."

Susan Froyd, Westword