Message to the Mayor 2020 Report

messagetothemayor summary report

People experiencing homelessness in the city of Denver are being violently attacked and having property confiscated and damaged by city departments enforcing the Urban Camping Ban(Denver Code of Ordinances, Article IV, section 38-86, 38-86.1, 38-86.2).

Therefore, as concerned citizens against systemic violence and criminalization of poverty, we demand that the City of Denver:

1) Put an immediate end to sweeps and the enforcement of the Urban Camping Ban.

2) Designate safe outdoor space areas for people experiencing homelessness to transition into housing.

3) Make existing public restroom facilities open overnight, provide additional portable restrooms and sanitation facilities (hand washing stations), and provide trash service. 

In the following report, we provide research that will substantiate these demands. It is our belief that the City of Denver has the ability to meet all of these demands immediately and to find temporary solutions for our unhoused neighbors. 

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