About Us

Welcome to Emancipation Theater, where Roleplay is Ritual and the Stage is our Sanctuary. We are a performance art social enterprise dedicated to elevating the voices whose stories have been untold. Our name was inspired by a quote from Marcus Garvey; “We are going to emancipate ourselves from mental slavery, for though others may free the body, none but ourselves can free the mind”.

Core Values


Underground Railroad Culture (Connectivity)

A way of being that intentionally invites individuals of different backgrounds and cultures, with different knowledge, talents, skills and assets behind the idea of uplifting the whole.


1865 > 1776 (Possibility)

Celebrating and standing for the freedom of all rather than the freedom of a select privileged few.


From Allies to Abolitionists (Cultivate)

To be instrumental in change, and not just a supportive bystander.



To develop a nation wide touring ensemble of artistic abolitionists.


Purpose Statement

Storytelling Amplifies Us

Bringing the community together to share our stories highlights our commonality, while diminishing our differences, enabling us to inspire action for change.