A stereotype will meet his maker in “Who Killed Jigaboo Jones?”
By Lisa Kennedy, The Denver Post, October 2013

Forget the inflammatory title. The poster for “Who Killed Jigaboo Jones?” makes people even more uncomfortable. Or angry.

Jeff Campbell, creator and star of the one-man show about hip-hop’s most vexing tendencies, is sitting in the LIDA Project’s theater space next to director donnie l. betts.

Taut and pensive Campbell has taken awhile to warm up, but now he’s hitting his stride recounting an incident on the street. He was handing out flyers for the show, which runs at Work Space through Oct. 19.

The poster shows a black man in black face, a noose around his neck and a pistol at his temple. Six others ring Mr. Jones: The Industry Vampire, the Shapeshifting Educator, the Media Vulture, The Holy Devil, the Deceiver of Justice and the Black Zombie. The poster is hardly subtle. And Campbell’s had trouble convincing business owners to put it up.

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